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Many years ago, he studied books, set up stalls, white-collar workers, made cakes, made three rounds, engaged in wholesale sales, worked as a reporter, run sports, and run newspapers.

    Fifteen years ago, during the "Truthfulness" period, Xishuangbanna was photographed in anti-drug police and drug addicts. Guizhou Miao Village shot rural teachers. This figure later won the “Top Ten People Touched by China”. Photographed astronaut Yang Liwei, a women's volleyball champion, an anti-Japanese hero, a star of countless actors, peeping wild elephants on the tree and opening cages to film tigers.

    Twelve years ago, the "My Long March" was filmed. After 250 days, he traveled around half of China, climbed snow-capped mountains, crossed the grasslands, walked in front of all the marching troops, encountered siege of yaks and Tibetan mastiffs, chased by swamps, and turned over five times a week. The snow-capped mountains encountered snowstorms and mudslides in three accidents.

    11 years ago, the “Spring Festival Gala” was photographed and traveled to various ethnic minority areas in Yunnan, and nearly 70 MTVs were shot separately.

    Ten years ago, the film “The Memento of Sui and Myanmar” was shot in the western part of the country for nearly a year and went to the United States and Japan.

     9 years ago, the “Old Tibetan Spirit” was photographed. Five Tibetans entered Tibet, deep in the pasture in the winter, and stayed in Mount Everest overnight.

     Eight years ago, he began to do sculpture in the international community and took the lead in Egypt, South Korea, Russia, and Taiwan.

     6 years ago, he participated in nine international sculpture camps in one year and personally completed public sculptures in nine cities and parks in Israel, Turkey, Russia, France, Argentina, Brazil, China, Nepal and India. He received Russian national television stations and South America’s most An authoritative television station interviewed and won the prize by the Nepalese Prime Minister.

     Five years ago, the founding of the International Union of Sculpture Creation Camps is currently the most influential international organization in the world.

     Four years ago, the best-selling book on travel sculpture, "Walking on the Blade," was written by celebrities such as Huang Jianxiang, Cui Yongyuan, Jing Yidan, Zhong Man and He Jing.

     Today, 61 large-scale public sculptures have been completed in 28 countries in the world. The sculpture is spread across all continents except Antarctica and is currently the most active Chinese sculptor in the world.

     During these years, he also played tickets, hosted the Hong Kong Health TV's daily talk show "Healthy Way", the Beijing TV station "Hey, ASEAN" and served as a commentator on Xinjiang TV and the Central People's Radio. She was a columnist and filmmaker at Netease and won the International Bronze Award in Fashion Design Competition.


Liu Yang

Age, born in 1972

Bachelor of Education (Food Engineering Business Administration)


General Secretary of International Sculpture Creation Camp

         Secretary-General of China Pacific Sculpture Society

         Deputy Secretary General of China Sculpture Professional Committee

         Member of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Hong Fund Advisory Committee

         Banff International Mountain Film Festival Global Tour China Station Executive Committee

         Vice President of Beijing Public Art Committee

         National Secondary Football Referee

         Netease columnist, bestseller writer

         TV host

         Radio and television commentator


Biography 1991-1995 Northeast Agricultural University

         1997-2002 Heilongjiang Morning Post, has served as editor, reporter, deputy director of the chief editor's office, director of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

         2002-2006 CCTV's "Truth-Speaking" director of the editorial and editorial group.

         2006-2007 CCTV's "My Long March" Pathfinder team leader, planner, director.

         2007-2007 Director and Planning of CCTV "Little Cui Says", "Spring Festival Gala" and "Charity Gala".

         2008-2009 Producer of China-Burmese-Burma War on CCTV.

         2009-2017 CCTV "Struggle" "Give You a Billion" Director General.

         2011-2012 Healthy Satellite TV Moderator

         2013-2014 Beijing Satellite TV Private Order Master Plan

         2016-2017 Beijing TV Station "Hey! ASEAN Moderator


Honorary Goodwill Ambassador, Yukohashi, Japan

         Honorary Citizens of the City of Barbary, Canada


TV "Love will win" won the annual Top Ten Talk Show (2003)

        "Iron and Steel Backbone" won the first prize of the Central Propaganda Department (2004)

        "Old Tibetan Spirit" First Prize of Documentary Film of China Broadcasting Association (2011)


Outdoor “My Long March” China Outdoor Golden Rhino Award Best Team (2006)

          "MAX Outdoor" 2017 Red Man Award (2017)


Costume "Desert Fox" "Wulin Clothing Show" International Fashion Competition Excellence Award (2003)

         "Birchwood" and "Humen" International Women's Bronze Award (2005)


Second Design Torch Design of the World University Student Winter Games (2007)


Curator The Executive Chairman of the 1st and 2nd "Tongling International Sculpture Creation Camp" (2010, 2012)

         International convener of "Pingtan International Sculpture Creation Camp" (2014)

         Qingdao Zhishang International Sculpture Creation Camp curator (2015)

         China Tonghe International Sculpture Creation Camp curator (2017)

         Chief Curator, Heilongjiang International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition (2017)

         International Sculpture Creation Camp Alliance - Beijing Exhibition Chief Curator (2017)


Books "Computer Series" (HIT University Press) (2000)

         Bestseller "Walking on the Blade" (China Water Resources Press) (2014)

         90 minutes for individual talk show (Travel Satellite TV) (2012)

         30 points for individual feature films (CCTV) (2015)

         Personal Feature Video 10 points (Australia Chinese) (2016)



Sculpture domestic awards


        The Tenth Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition of Feng Shui Silk Road (1999)

        "New Starting Point, New Heights" Selected for Beijing Olympic Sculpture Exhibition (2001)

        "No, No, No, No... But" Second Prize of the Second Chinese Sculpture Festival (2002)


        "Compared with Messenger" was selected in the "Traditional and Present Sculpture Exhibition" in China (2005)

        "Defense" Sixth National Sports Art Exhibition (2005)


        "Oriental Deer" was Shortlisted for 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition (2006)

        "My Family Lives in the 601" The 4th China Sculpture Festival (2006)


        "From the People to the People" China Guangrao Sculpture Creation Camp (2008)

        "Give me a leverage, I can shake the earth" The Seventh Blue Space Sculpture Exhibition (2008)


        Eye Exercises, Now Beginning, The First "China Power" International Sculpture Yearbook Exhibition (2009)

        "The Last Supper" Tianjin Sanxitang International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition (2009)

        "My Long March" Binzhou National Urban Sculpture Exhibition (2009)

        The Seventh National Sports Art Exhibition (2009)

        "Good-looking and Visible" Third Prize of the Fifth Chinese Sculpture Art Festival (2009)


        "My Home in the Northeast" "My Struggle" Asian Art Fair (2010)

        "My Long March" "Defense" Chinese Sculpture Magazine Nomination Exhibition (2010)

        "Wool on sheep" Harbin International Woodcarving Creation Camp (2010)

        "Go Forward, Move Forward" China Tangshan Sculpture Creation Camp (2010)

"Good Price" Chinese Contemporary Woodcarving Exhibition (2010)

        The 1st China Tongling International Copper Sculpture Art Exhibition (2010)

        "Jingjia Silver A" China Taizhou City Sculpture Creation Camp (2010)


        "My Struggle" China International Sculpture Yearbook Exhibition (2011)

        "My clothes broke a hole" The Sixth Chinese Sculpture Festival (2011)

        "We Go Together" National Theatre Sculpture Exhibition (2011)


        The Day of the New Year's Day Suzhou Urban Sculpture Exhibition (2012)

        The Second China Tongling International Copper Sculpture Art Exhibition (2012)

        "Culture, No Culture" Linzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition (2012)


        "Life is Like a Play" Chinese Sculpture Yearbook Exhibition (2013)


        "Release for Life" The 3rd Jimo Sculpture Creation Camp (2014)

        "One of my sculptures moves my second sculpture" Fujian Pingtan Sculpture Creation Camp (2014)


        The First Jimo Zhishang International Sculpture Creation Camp of Running, Brothers (2015)


        "Songhua River" "Bearing Facade" "Sunlight under the Tree" "Pleasant Water Bubbles"

        "Sunshine Air" First Tonghe International Sculpture Creation Camp (2017)

        "Sea Cave" The 7th Jimo Sculpture Camp (2017)



Sculpture International Awards


        "Captive Stone" South Korea's Boning International Stone Sculpture Camp Korea (2010)


        "One of my sculptures moved another sculpture" SODIC International Symposium on Metal Sculpture, Egypt (2011)

        "We Are Together" The 4th Penza International Sculpture Camp Russia (2011)

        "The Second Line of Defense" Benq International Sculpture Exhibition Taiwan Bay (2011)


        The 22nd "Stone in Galilee" International Sculpture Symposium "Red & White" Israel (2012)

        The Second Komurcuoglu International Sculpture Seminar "The Crops Are Cooked" Turkey (2012)

        The 10th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition "We Dance Together" Japan (2012)

        "Get up and go" 5th Penza International Sculpture Camp Russia (2012)

        "Be a good dream" "taches/taches-2" international sculpture creation camp France (2012)

        "The Blue and White" 6th Rohrdan International Sculpture Creation Camp Argentina (2012)

        "The Eggs of God" The First "Hug" International Sculpture Creation Camp Brazil (2012)

        The First Hadoda Sculpture Symposium "A Woman Inside" Nepal (2012)

        The 7th Baroda Sculpture Symposium on “Utility”, India (2012)


        The 14th Normandy Sculpture Symposium on “The Chicken Who Loved to Eat Flowers Before His Death” (France)

        "Let's Go Together" Miyazaki International Sculpture Exhibition, Japan (2013)

       The 19th Kemi Lake Woodcarving Creation Camp “The Lake Without the Night” Finlan (2013)

        "Three-Family" Alpine Stone Symposium Italy (2013)

        Happy Pride 5th Penza Sculpture Camp Russia (2013)

        The 1st Puntarenas Sculpture Creation Camp in Costa Rica Costa Rica (2013)


        The 23rd tultepec International Sculpture Creation Camp of Our Team to the Sun Mexico (2014)

        The First Padide Sculpture Creation Camp Between Heaven and Earth Yi Long (2014)

        The 2nd KUNSTDUNGER Sculpture Creation Camp Munich Night (2014)

        The 2nd Banana Flower Sculpture Camp in Taiwan, “Holding a World in the Heart” (2014)


        The 24th tultepec International Sculpture Creation Camp of Triangle Music Mexico (2015)

        The 6th Penza Sculpture Camp of Two Birds Russia (2015)

        The 20th Kami Lake Woodcarving Creation Camp for People and the Sea Fen Lan (2015)

        The 6th Corcica Stone Sculpture Camp in The Wonderful World, Albania (2015)

        "Fighting Animals" with Walo Arctic Woodcarving Creation Camp Fen Lan (2015)

"Stone Man" Ho Chi Minh International Sculpture Creation Camp Vietnam (2015)


        Chiayi International Sculpture Creation Camp Taiwan Bay (2016)

        "Two Sculptors" Adelaide International Sculpture Creation Camp Australia (2016)

        "Songhua River" Griffith Centennial Sculpture Creation Camp Australia (2016)

        "Stupid Bird" Penza International Sculpture Camp Russia (2016)

        Color Cattle Arctic International Art Week Finland (2016)

        Out of Window Hertebach International Sculpture Camp Switzerland (2016)

        "10" "Chinese knot" San Diego sculpture creation camp Chile (2016)


        "Nile" 25th Aswan Creation Camp Egypt (2017)

        The First Tunisian Creation Camp of the "Inner Man" Tunisia (2017)

        The Middleman Denmark Huyer Woodcarving Creation Camp Denmark (2017)

        "Qixingtan" 25th Hualien Sculpture Creation Camp Taiwan (2017)

        "The Wallheads" The 1st Quebec Barberon Creation Camp Canada (2017)

        The Second Stoun Sculpture Creation Camp in Caspian Sea Azerbaijan (2017)

        The fourth madinaty sculpture creation camp of Liang Shang Ke Egypt (2017)

        Indian Ocean 3rd ITM Sculpture Creation Camp India (2017)

        "Japan Sea" Second Hashidate National Sculpture Creation Camp Japan (2018)

social influence

    In Europe Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Albania, Switzerland, Denmark. Asia, China, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Iran, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Egypt, Tunisia in Africa; Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica in North America; Brazil, Argentina, Chile in South America; Australia’s Australia's 28 countries and regions completed 58 creative camps and built 61 public sculptures.


    Meet with the following governments or local government officials:

    Prime Minister of Nepal, Minister of Culture of Egypt, Minister of Culture of Tunisia, Governor of Aswan, Egypt, Governor of Denizli, Turkey, Governor of Chiayi, Governor of Hualien, Mayor of Hualien, Governor of Shizuoka, Japan, Ambassador of the United States to Turkey, Republic of Korea Mayor of Shang City, mayor of Kolka, Albania, Mayor of Roldan, Argentina, Deputy Minister of Culture of Vietnam, Governor of South Australia, Mayor of Griffith, Ambassador of Canada to Chile, Member of Parliament of Canada, City of Barryon, Canada President, New Zealand Ambassador to China, Ambassador of China to France, Queen Baroda of India, Mayor of Yukihashi, Japan.


    Reported foreign media:

    Russian State Television, Egyptian National Television 2, Egyptian AKBEK Television, South American TVB, Australia 7, Australian Chinese, Nepal National Radio, Mexican State Radio, Ho Chi Minh TV, Radio Rordan, Argentina, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Youth Daily, Germany Munich newspaper, Adelaide Australia newspaper, Griffith newspaper, Finnish Lapland newspaper, French television, Normandy newspaper, Brazilian Aregred newspaper, Taiwan Chiayi newspaper, even birthday, Zhongtian, Huashi, TV station, Iran Mashhad Magazine, Egyptian Pyramid Daily, Tunisian Newspaper, Nepali Newspaper, Chilean National Television, Chile 13, Chilean MEGA TV, Chile Evening, Chilean Messenger, Chile's "Three Weeks" Weekly, Canada's Seven Day Weekly, Azerbaijan LIDER TV station, Azerbaijan trend news network, Japan Asahi Shimbun, West Japan News.


    Domestic media:

    CCTV, Central Radio, International Radio, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily, Global Times, Beiqing Weekly, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing Xinxinbao, Travel TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Airport Hangmei, Heilongjiang Pictorial, Heilongjiang TV Station , Heilongjiang Morning Post, Men's Health Magazine, Travellers Magazine, Wings of China Magazine, Nanguo City Daily, Xinjiang Metropolitan Daily, Boutique Shopping Guide, China Railway News, China Culture News, CCTV, People's Daily Online, Sohu, Netease, Youtu Video Sina, LeTV, Xinmin.com.


    The important position of the sculpture is:

    Italy Trento Museum, Taiwan Chingtan Lake, Taiwan South Palace Museum, Pamukkale, Turkey, Albania Colcha Stadium, South Korea Pauling Seaside Park, Costa Rica Puntarenas Seaside Park, Ho Chi Minh City Cultural Park, Iran Patita City Business Center, Penza Sculpture Park in Russia, Griffith City Park in Australia, Santiago Sculpture Park in Chile, Zermatt Scenic Area in Swiss Alps, Sculpture Museum in Aswan, Mediterranean Coast in Tunisia, Babrion City Park in Canada, India ITM University, "White City" in Baku, Azerbaijan.


important events:

    The sculpture "My Long March" was presented to the International Olympic Organizing Committee, the sculpture "No. 24" gave Kobe Bryant, the sculpture "Running Thief is Fast" participated in the movie "Private Customization", and the sculpture "The Power of Softness" was presented to the Santiago Municipal Government.



    Tianjin University, Jilin University, Huazhong Normal University, Harbin Normal University, Northeast Agricultural University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University, Denizli University, Turkey, Mexican State College of Art, University of Melbourne, Baroda ITM, India University, Beijing Public Welfare Lecture Hall, Japan Bridge Primary School.




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